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Tray Medium | Fennel
Tray Medium | Fennel

Tray Medium | Fennel

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The fennel tray is part Lightly’s “Grace” collection which explores form and symmetry through a tabletop range of trays and bowls in powder-coated spun metal.

A popular shape for serving food and drinks.

Designed by Cindy-Lee Davies for Lightly in 2018.



255mm x 20mm


Due to the handcrafted nature of this product slight variations may occur in the surface or shape. This is because it is made and finished by hand.


Powder coated finishes and metals will react to organic matter and chemicals. For longevity we recommend using our vessels as a ‘housing’ pot with the potted plant inside. Drain outside when watering. If you do plant directly drain well. Clean with a damp soft cloth only.