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Coffee + Epsom Naked Body Scrub

Coffee + Epsom Naked Body Scrub

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This bad boy is guaranteed to help soften the appearance of thigh dimples (be gone). Our warrior will assist in bench pressing stretch marks until they’re dizzy and ask to go home, making it the ultimate coffee scrub for cellulite and for improving your skin’s elasticity. 

A mixed cocktail of magnesium and mint does a mighty-fine job to help calm and relieve muscle tension and inflammation in joints. This coffee scrub warrior helps hydrate and cleanse, packing a punch with Vitamins A and E to energise your skin, keeping it glowin’ till the cows come home and keeping it as soft as baby cheeks. The magical magnesium in this grounded coffee scrub assists in producing serotonin, 'the happiness chemical' in the brain that creates that feeling of calm and relaxation so you can recharge before smashin’ some more goals and kickin’ life’s butt.  

Our warriors always down to spot you at the gym, so have your foam roller and your fave protein shake ready to go, and when you’re finished, you'll be giddy about those #transformationtuesday pics.

Paraben, SLS and palm oil free.
Suitable for all skin types including dry, combination and oily skin.

This one's got no nuts, so if you're one of our nut-allergic friends, let your body get scrubbin'.