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4M Crystal Growing Kit

4M Crystal Growing Kit

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The 4M Crystal Growing Kit gives children the opportunity to learn about solubility while creating an impressive crystallized formation that will measure approximately 5cm in diameter when done.

Includes detailed fold-out instructions that provide step-by-step guidance with easy to follow illustrations! They also include a section explaining the science behind crystal formation.

Each 4M Crystal Growing Kit gives each child a truly unique formation.

Kit includes –   Bag of Crystals (Mono ammonium Phosphate); Seeding Mixture; Container for Growing; Seeding Spoon; Detailed Instructions (With Safety Advice)
Also Required but not included: Steaming Hot Water, Apron, Protective Goggles, Rubber Gloves

Display the different crystals in the specially designed cases

Colorful crystals make a lovely display and a fun afternoon activity for the whole family.

Recommended for ages 10 years +