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Dual Weather Station
Dual Weather Station
Dual Weather Station

Dual Weather Station

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Checking out the weather on your phone is not nearly as much fun as consulting an age old weather diviner. This Dual Weather Station combines two surprisingly accurate but historical weather devices.

The two glass cylinders on a beechwood base are also as soothing to look at as they are to consult. The Galileo Thermometer uses five floating glass baubles to determine the temperature based on liquid density. Each bulb has a calibrated, weighted metal tag and the temperature is determined by reading the lowest floating bulb.

The Storm Glass responds to atmospheric fluctuations, helping to forecast the weather by observing the evolving crystal formations. It’s mystical and magical. For example, thunderstorms are represented by crystals at the top, while clear liquid is the forecast for a fine day.  Not surprisingly the Dual Weather Station is something for weather watchers and budding scientists alike.

  • Designed in Australia.
  • Crafted from glass and beechwood.
  • Storm Glass was used by seafarers in the 1700s to predict storms.
  • The thermometer was invented by Italian Galileo Galilei in 1593 after discovering that the density of liquids changed with the temperature.
  • Makes a fun gift.
  • Presented as a set of two in a gift box.

Assembled dimensions: Approx. 14cm (l) x 17.5cm (h) x 7cm (w).