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Letters From Australia

Letters From Australia

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Every picture in this book is made with letters if you look! Test your powers of observation Spell you way around the nation! An ingenious tour of Australia featuring fun from every state and territory, and illustrations created in Letter Art by this aw

Bright colourful picture book about Australia, featuring pictures made from the letters that spell their name. Covers every state and territory, and makes an ideal gift. Aids in letter-recognition, observation and spelling. Ingenious!

Book Features:

  • What’s better than spelling a word? Spelling a picture!
  • Look and Find activity.
  • An introduction to letter art for children of all ages.

About the Author

One of the very first to identify the contemporary rise of Melbourne’s cultural and place power, Maree Coote has won The Royal Historical Society of Victoria’s Gold Prize for ‘The Art of Being Melbourne’. Her unique command of history, culture, art and design is made accessible for a wide variety of audiences, including children. Coote was the first to create a children’s picture book for Melbourne kids, ‘When You Go To Melbourne’. According to Philip Adams, “Melbourne never had a more ingenious ambassador.” Coote’s first book The Melbourne Book: A History of Now is in its fourth edition after 12+ years in print, and has been dubbed ‘Melbourne’s Bible’.