Martumili Artists A6 Notebooks | Set of Three
Martumili Artists A6 Notebooks | Set of Three

Martumili Artists A6 Notebooks | Set of Three

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Royalties from this product directly benefit the artist and their community.

Stay stylishly organized with this set of 3 Martumili A6 Notebooks! Featuring stitched binding to ensure your writing is secure and protected, these notebooks make it easy to jot down your brilliant ideas or just doodle away. Plus, their petite size makes 'em trendy & convenient - no matter where you go!

- Notebooks feature artworks by Nancy Nyajipayi (Ngarnjapayi) Chapman, Lorna Linmurra and Gladys Kuru Bidu courtesy Martumili Artists.
- Information about the artist and artwork is included inside the notebook.
- A6 Size
- 52 Lined pages per notebook

- Stitched binding

Martumili Artists was established by Martu people living in the communities of Parnpajinya (Newman), Jigalong, Parnngurr, Punmu, Kunawarritji, Irrungadji and Warralong, and it draws on strong influences of aboriginal art history. The artists and their families are the traditional custodians of vast stretches of the Great Sandy, Little Sandy and Gibson Deserts as well as the Karlamilyi (Rudall River) area.  Most Martu people maintain an entirely independent, nomadic desert lifestyle until the 1950s and 1960s when they walked into settlements in response to a long and severe drought.  Today, Martu people live in their own communities and regularly visit regional centres such as Newman and Port Hedland.