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My Sticker Mosaic | Cosmic
My Sticker Mosaic | Cosmic

My Sticker Mosaic | Cosmic

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The Poppik Panorama Sticker Cosmic is a fun space scene complete with astronauts, aliens, space ships and space stations designed by artist Matthias Malingrey.  The activity calls for visual recognition of colours and shapes as well as practising some fine motor skills.  

Open the Poppik pack to reveal the panorama poster (approximately 140cm x 25cm).  Then use the 750 stickers provided to place on the poster using the right shapes and colour codes.  This particular poster is aimed at the 3+ age group.

Poppik is a creative hobby that promotes calm and concentration.  

Each Panorama Sticker pack includes:

- Panorama poster measuring approximately 140cm x 25 cm

- 750 stickers in 7 different colours