One Hundred & One Things To Do When The WiFi Is Down

One Hundred & One Things To Do When The WiFi Is Down

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Dear God, the wi-fi is DOWN!!!



Don't panic; we've got you covered. This handy, illustrated and fully analogue guide will keep you entertained until your signal returns. Find out how to build a fort out of cardboard boxes, communicate with other humans using only sounds, and invent a whole meal using what's in your fridge. It turns out the options are limitless, even when your data isn't.



101 THINGS TO DO WHEN THE WI-FI IS DOWN is the most fun you'll have this summer, no batteries required.



Activities include:


Learn some history: Ask an older person in your life to tell you about when they were young (be sure to allow plenty of time for this).


Bulk up: See how many layers of clothes you can wear at once and then try to make it to the nearest shop and back.


Confuse a child: Approach a small(er) child who resembles you and tell them that you are them from the future.


Eat for free: Go to a farmer's market and eat as many free samples as you can. Buy nothing and refuse to feel any shame.