Opal Mist Standard Candle
Opal Mist Standard Candle

Opal Mist Standard Candle

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The perfect fragrance to invite calm into your space, where your morning routine will be uplifted with ease as notes of sweet figs, cedarwood and patchouli drift through the air.

Smells like... Sweet figs, mimosa, blackcurrant, cedarwood, iris, musk and patchouli
Feels like... Opal Mist is for the fresh mornings of winter beginning to pass, where the sun lingers still and the mornings are a little longer. It's coffee and warm honey toast in bed, it's misty cool air against your window, it's a stroll in your jumper to the pastry shop. **hint, make your candle last longer by trimming the wick while at room temperature after burning.

- Reuse your vessel as a plant home, water glass or anything in between
- Up to 35 hours burn time.
- 180g | 6.3 oz
- Pure cotton wick for an even burn.
- Hand crafted soy candle, made in Australia.