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Plane Pal Pillow Only
Plane Pal Pillow Only

Plane Pal Pillow Only

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Plane Pal™ is a custom designed inflatable cushion that fills the space between your child’s seat and the seat in front. Made from high quality nylon making Plane Pal a light weight and compact product. Plane Pal can also be used on trains and buses and for car travel. 

This set includes one inflatable Plane Pal Pillow only with a drawstring backpack. One can purchase this product if multiple children will be needing a Plane Pal Pillow as one pump can pump all of the Plane Pals.

Most airlines are happy to allow the safe use of Plane Pal as per Plane Pal's instructions:

  • Plane Pal is to be used in the window seat or the middle seat in the centre rows


  • Plane Pal is not to be used during take off or landing
  • The child's seatbelt remains fastened at all times (you can request an infant extender belt to help with this)

It is recommended to check with the airline if the use of the Plane Pal is authorised. There are over 50 approved airlines listed on the Plane Pal website

Information on inflating the pillow can be found on the Plane Pal website