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Pole Pole Velociraptor
Pole Pole Velociraptor

Pole Pole Velociraptor

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Here come the dinosaurs! They should be scary but in true Pole Pole style they still have that cute factor whilst remaining realistic. Slightly larger than the usual Pole Pole Animal series, they are easy to hold and move around as you play with them.

T-Lab Japan and their exquisite PolePole wooden animals have been a part of Japanese culture for over 10 years. Hand crafted from soft white Albiza wood, these sweet and tactile characters are the definition of cuteness. The name PolePole pronounced “poh-leh poh-leh” comes from the Swahili words meaning “slowly, slowly” – A direct reference to the carefully and slowly hand carved nature of each animal. Due to their lovingly crafted nature, each PolePole animal is slightly different – Each unique expression thoughtfully hand finished and hand painted by a skilled craftsman.

 Hand carved and carefully finished one by one by skilled craftsmen
 Materials: Made from Albizia wood
 Size: 9 x 2.8 x 6