Soleil Candle
Soleil Candle
Soleil Candle

Soleil Candle

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Our limited edition summer fragrance will invite the sun into your space, where your home will be uplifted with vibrant notes of tuberose and melon.
Smells like... Melon, Freesia, Tuberose
Feels like... Orange blossoming in spring, salty tangled hair, slices of lemon in ice cold water, freckles returning, sparkles of sunlight on a body of water. **hint, make your candle last longer by trimming the wick while at room temperature after burning.

- Reuse your vessel as a plant home, water glass or anything in between
- Up to 35 hours burn time.
- 180g | 6.3 oz
- Pure cotton wick for an even burn.
- Hand crafted soy candle, made in Australia.