Meditation Spinning Ring | Moon and Back

Meditation Spinning Ring | Moon and Back

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Our moon and back meditation spinning ring is handcrafted from solid sterling silver and brass. This beautiful spinning ring is engraved with detailed moons and stars and the brass band is engraved with the quote "I love you to the moon & back".
  • Width of band 13mm

  • Sterling silver and brass

Due to the thickness of this ring, we suggest going up a size. Meditation spinning rings can be very useful for stress and anxiety relief as the physical spinning of the rings can help to calm the body and mind. Designed in Australia and hand crafted in solid sterling silver (925) and solid brass these beautiful rings can be worn every day as pieces with true meaning and purpose to help you when you need it most. Spin the bands whenever you feel stressed, to aid in meditation or just as a lovely habit to maintain a state of calm and serenity.

Healing: Pe

This ring is available in Size M (8) 18.2mm