Neighbourhood Guide to Cycling | Naarm Melbourne

Neighbourhood Guide to Cycling | Naarm Melbourne

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 The Neighbourhood Cycling Guide to Naarm – Melbourne is an essential, laidback and practical guide to exploring the city on pedal power.

No lycra? No worries. This is a fun, accessible guidebook for riders of all ages and levels, whether you zoom around the city on your fixie on a daily basis or if it’s been a few years (or decades) since you’ve dusted off your rusty old bicycle. Throughout you’ll find helpful tips and tricks on everything from basic bike repair to cycling etiquette.

Featuring a number of easy-to-navigate itineraries with maps and illustrations, the book is divided into neighbourhood routes, cycling trails and daytrip trails. You'll be cruising down backstreets to get an authentic taste for Collingwood, Richmond, St Kilda and more – the characters, First Nations culture, the history, the best pubs, where to pick up picnic supplies, and what makes each ride unique. If riding on the road is a little daunting then this book might be more your cup of tea, taking you on dedicated bike paths through city bushland and along the bay. Once you’ve finished two-wheeling around Melbourne, jump on the train or pack the bike in the car to check out the daytrip trails in the Bellarine, Lilydale or the Bass Coast.

So get out there and explore Naarm – Melbourne like you’ve never seen it before. As they say, it’s just like riding a bike…

Maps and illustrations by Alex Hotchin.