Roll On Perfume | Golden
Roll On Perfume | Golden

Roll On Perfume | Golden

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BON LUX scent blends are created in-house and designed for gentle, uplifting aromatherapy qualities, and for use as beautiful all-natural perfumes.

Made using pure essential oils of plants, petals, fruit peel and herbs, blended in small batches, with no synthetic ingredients.

GOLDEN scent comes as a votive candle and travel tin to scent your home as well as your bod!

Apply GOLDEN to wrists and neck as regular as you like for a soft, natural perfume, scented by nature. GOLDEN bottles the happy vibes of sunshine on citrus blossoms, with the freshness of coriander.

10 ml glass bottle with plastic top and roller ball

Made with fractionated Pink grapefruit, bergamot, citrus blossom essential oil, fractionated coconut oil.

BON LUX is handmade in small batches, in Melbourne Australia.