New Dawn Standard Candle
New Dawn Standard Candle

New Dawn Standard Candle

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Enjoy the scents of salt and moss, with a heart of fig leaves and lastly the sweet notes of vanilla.

like... Salt & bergamot, fig leaves, moss, cedarwood & vanilla
Feels like... With the dawn of a new day comes challenges and moments to cherish, calm and chaos.

Allow this scent to accompany your days along with a hand-knitted jumper, your favourite book and fresh dew drops settled on the grass. **hint, make your candle last longer by trimming the wick while at room temperature after burning.

- Reuse your vessel as a plant home, water glass or anything in between
- Up to 35 hours burn time.
- 180g | 6.3 oz
- Pure cotton wick for an even burn.
- Hand crafted soy candle, made in Australia.